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The role of social media is increasing for business, not for profit organizations, governments and individuals alike. It creates image of you or your organization in most cases. It has become a very important source for information about you and your company. Your social media posts are an indicator of your or organization’s character. Here are a few things which can change a good social media post into a great social media post.

1. All posts should contain a clear crisp message useful to the readers
While language, grammar and formatting is the body of the social media post, the message or information it contains is the soul. If the message is useful, the post will be liked by everyone. A good research to select the topic of the post and the content of the post are needed.

2. Keep your ego away for a while
Avoid praising yourself, your company or your product too much. Concentrate on providing quality information on the topic. Remember you are not writing media content to prove yourself or your company. Your job is to provide information and leave the judgment to the readers. This way the readers will trust you more.

3. Keep the post short
Keep your content as short as possible without losing the core message. Use alternative shorter words to keep messages short. This will help readers grasp the content quickly. You can use shorter synonyms for longer words to keep the content short.

4. Avoid titles which are too general
Unfortunately these titles do not go well with social media. More specific titles are needed to get the attention of the readers.

5 Title should tell what is contained in the post
Title should tell what to expect in the content. This helps grab the attention of the concerned user and will also make him read the whole post.

6. Put extra punctuation to keep the message clear
In a short post in the social media you should use the extra punctuations to make the message clear. These punctuations also help grep reader’s attention.

7. Handle humour carefully
The boundary line between humour and humiliation is thin. Everyone likes a good joke. But if the humour is targeted against a gender, ethnic group or religion, it spells trouble. The thumb rule of social post is very simple – never post something you will have to delete or apologise for latter. If you are posting a humorous post be aware of the reaction of others on the post.

8 Have someone else check your work
We all have our blind spots. Someone else with a different perspective can see what we miss even if we read it several times. Everyone has at least someone available to check his/her work.

Here is an example of the coca cola russia campaign

Leave it to Coca-Cola to do so right out of the gate after it sent out a tweet featuring a cartoon with a snow-covered map of the country. Seems innocent enough, right?
Taking a closer look, the map is actually outdated, omitting Kaliningrad, which was annexed following World War II. The reaction was clear and crisp. Photographs of Russians pouring coca cola in the toilet with the hashtag ‘ban coca cola’. A second look at the image would have saved the day for coca cola.

9. Use a software for posting in social media
Content posting is a very important process and you have should not miss any post in the social media. Use a software like Viralpep to manage your social media campaign. This will help increase the efficiency of preparing and executing the social media plan. It will remind you when you do not do a media post for some time. It is important to be regular with

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