2018 PPC Industry Statistics [Infographic]

In case you are unfamiliar, PPC (pay-per-click) is the umbrella marketing term which refers to all paid digital marketers campaigns where advertisers pay publishers and platforms to direct traffic back to their site. In 2017 alone, we saw an investment of $10.1 Billion by a total of 7 million advertisers in PPC. Google Ads and Facebook remained the market leaders in PPC spend.

According to a recent report by eMarketer, these Google Ads and Facebook will remain the leading digital ad spending platforms in the coming years as well. Social ads will hit major landmarks this year. Facebook’s US Ad Revenues ($21.57 billion this year) will be twofold the amount spent on newspaper advertising ($10.74 billion). This will be close to the amount spent on entire print category ($23.12 billion). They even predict that the social media giant will move ahead of the print industry in 2019. Clearly, marketers putting a large percentage of their budget towards Facebook and Google ads has and will continue to show it benefits.

The cost of PPC is constantly rising, so where should you invest? Where are other marketers spending their money? In which industry’s pocket do you think PPC is burning the biggest hole?  Do you think you know enough about price per click (PPC)?

Latest trends, along with stats are highlighted in this infographic by Grazitti Interactive. Check it out to better understand industry trends and the evolution of PPC in digital marketing.

This is a compilation of the most comprehensive statistical breakdown of the digital ad industry based on a report by Hanapin Marketing – PPCHero.



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