How to Build a Personal Brand with Content Marketing

One of the best, fastest and most effective methods to build a personal brand with content is to author a book.

Writing a book shows off what you know about your industry and niche. Through your extensive writing, you have an opportunity to share valuable, personal insight, as well as your own voice and perspective.

Book authorship is a powerful form of content marketing. Publishing a book boosts your credibility, visibility, and authority, and can also help grow your community.

A book calls attention to you, since it’s an accomplishment that not many have achieved. Additionally, writing a book sets you apart as the person “who wrote the book” on a topic, which can make you the expert. It’s an excellent marketing tool, not just for building your personal brand, but also for attracting leads and clients. 

Writing a book may seem overwhelming and out of reach, especially if you’re short on time or don’t consider yourself a good writer. Don’t worry, you have options – and you don’t need a book publisher.

If you have a lot of blog content, consider compiling your most popular posts into an eBook.

Are you a better speaker than writer? Use your slide notes from a previous presentation, or jot down notes about your topic. You can even record yourself talking into your computer or smartphone. Outsource the transcription, editing, and formatting of your recording so that it’s ready for online or print publishing.

Pro Tip

You can easily turn your eBook into a print version using options like Lulu and CreateSpace. These services enable you to print on demand, rather than having to order in large bulk quantities. Keep printed books on hand to give out at networking events to help you make a memorable first impression.

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