Facebook Adds Stories Archive, Enabling Re-Use of Stories Posts

Here’s a small, but relevant, addition, especially considering the growth in Stories usage.

You may have noticed this indicator appearing at the top of your Facebook Stories bar recently.

That’s right, Facebook is rolling out an archive option for Facebook Stories, the same as what Instagram provided for Instagram Stories late last year.

This is not a new development – Facebook actually announced the coming archive back in May, but it’s now being rolled out to more users, and could provide functional purpose, especially for brands utilizing Facebook Stories.

How Facebook's Stories archive works in three shots

As you can see here, all of your Stories posts will now be stored in your archive, which is not visible to other users. You can switch it off if you’d rather keep your content ephemeral (last shot above), but the option to keep your Stories content for longer than the initial 24 hour period could enable you to re-use shots, or re-post them to other platforms, including Instagram Stories. 

For brands, that could provide more motivation to invest more time and effort into Stories content. While the initial impetus for Stories was to create immediate, disappearing content, it can be difficult to justify spending too much time on them, knowing that they’ll be gone the next day. Through the archive, you can more easily re-use your best-performing Stories posts – or just keep them for reference so you can better track what works and what doesn’t.

What Facebook doesn’t have, as yet, that Instagram does is a highlights section on profiles where you can showcase your best Stories posts. Instagram’s highlights have become a great option for showcasing specific elements of your business or products, and while Facebook hasn’t added them yet, given the ongoing emphasis on Stories content, it seems likely we’ll see the same on Facebook profiles soon.

If you’re not seeing the new archive option yet, you will soon – another consideration for your Facebook Stories use. 

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