Office Essentials for the On-The-Go Worker [Infographic]

Today’s worker is no longer confined to the traditional office space – working from home, coffee shops, airports, or communal workspaces has become increasingly common.

With this shift, workers have also learned that there’s more to maintaining optimal productivity on the go than just taking your laptop – being prepared with all the right tools and essentials can make a huge difference. And it’s not just about what you bring with you when you work out of the office, there’s also a range of essential, go-to tips to help ensure that you get your job done, and respect others around you.

While every worker and mobile workspace will differ (take, for example, co-working spaces which often have plenty of the essentials on hand), this infographic from Quill has been devised to ensure that you’re prepared.

Read on for a mobile working packing list, along with tips and strategies to make your next out-of-the-office work session even more productive.

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