Snap Inc. Announces New Webinars to Provide Insights into How to Use its Ad Tools

As we move into the final – and for many businesses, most valuable – segment of the year, many marketers are re-assessing their ad focus, and aligning their efforts to maximize their holiday push.

And given recent stats showing that Snapchat still leads Facebook in terms of teen popularity, no doubt there are a number of businesses considering their Snap ad options, and whether the platform is a good fit for their objectives.

If that sounds like you, you’re in luck – Snap Inc. has this week announced two upcoming webinars which aim to help provide more insight into how Snapchat can boost eCommerce campaigns, specifically, though the insights provided will be of value to any Snapchat advertiser.

The first webinar is being run on both Wednesday September 19th and Thursday September 27th, and will cover use of the Snap Pixel for audience tracking and targeting.

This webinar is for advertisers who want to learn more about the Snap Pixel. From how it differs from other pixels, the optimizations and attribution it enables, to implementation and troubleshooting, we’ll cover everything you need to know to power your eCommerce campaigns.”

Snap’s second webinar, being run on Wednesday September 26th and Thursday October 4th, covers ‘eCommerce Advertising on Snapchat’:

“This webinar is for advertisers new to Snapchat who want to learn more about our suite of performance products. In this session, we’ll dive into the different formats, bid optimizations, and measurement solutions we offer to help you drive and track sales.”

As noted, the focus of both is eCommerce, but there will be elements relevant to all Snap advertisers. The webinars are free to attend, with sign-up – you can find more information about them here.

It’s hard to say what the true value of Snap advertising is at this stage, with a very niche, young user audience, but the app is working to provide more tools to increase ad performance tracking, and Snap users are highly engaged.

If you can get it right, Snapchat can most definitely be a valuable ad option – but getting it right isn’t easy, definitely not as easy as running a Facebook and Instagram feed campaign. As such, these webinars could be of significant value – Snapchat won’t be for every brand, but if you’re trying to get your products in front of younger users, definitely, it’d be worth attending.

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