The Inspiring Inbox: Email Best Practices that Encourage Opens and Clicks [Infographic]

Email marketing remains one of the best ways to maximize sales performance, with the capacity to reach out to targeted, interested groups via their inbox, where they’re more likely to see it than on other platforms.

It’s not enough, though, to just build a list. In order to run an effective email campaign, you also need to focus on the basics of email marketing best practices.

It starts with your email segments, and then you have to answer questions about your goals with each campaign. You have to plan the timing of your emails, especially your automated messages, then, of course, design also plays a big part.

Finally, based on your segment, you have to encourage your readers to open the email with a well-written subject line, then follow through on the CTA of the email. Do you want them to download a white paper? Check out a product page? Sign up for a webinar? Only when you know your audience can you inspire them to act.

The team from Salesforce share more key email marketing lessons in this infographic.

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