The Real Benefits of User Generated Content

User generated content (UGC) is a modern-day digital word-of-mouth situation that benefits both brands and consumers. It’s a win-win scenario and a marketing tactic that brands can incredibly benefit from.

Because this is clearly a hot marketing tactic, we decided to hold an #SMTLive Twitter chat on the topic of UGC to hear from other marketers and discuss possible strategies for leveraging UGC.

What is it that makes UGC so compelling for both brands and consumers?

Like I said before, UGC is a win-win scenario for brands and consumers. Marketers have their audience doing their work for them.

The best part is, this type of content is the most trusted by people — the content is authentic, credible (not sponsored), and free for marketers.

This is true. According to data from Photoslurp, user generated photos are 5x more likely to convert customers than non-UGC. 

When you share UGC, you’re not only engaging with your audience, but you are making them feel seen and appreciated. One thing to keep in mind before you share someone else’s content, remember to ask for permission. Most people will be grateful and would love the shout out, but it’s important to remember to give them a choice.

There are clearly many reasons to focus your marketing efforts on UGC. Feed your audience juicy content, pretty pictures, fun packaging, or anything else worth sharing. Give them a reason to share your brand on social and start leveraging their content. 

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