LinkedIn Improves Help Listings by Adding Contextual Prompts

LinkedIn has updated its Help Center tools to make them more contextually relevant, enabling users to connect with the right assistance faster and without having to go into a separate section of the platform.

As explained by LinkedIn:

Despite having a wealth of customized [Help Center] content, members are still faced with a problem when they need help: they must stop what they’re doing and go to the Help Center to find an answer. To address this problem, we gave ourselves a challenge: Can we bring the Help Center to members instead of bringing members to the Help Center?”

In order to tackle this, LinkedIn has devised a new process which will highlight the most popular Help Center items relative to the area of the platform you’re using. So if you’re in the main feed and you go to Help, the Help prompt will highlight the most relevant items about the feed; If you’re in Recruiter, you’ll see the top Recruiter queries, etc.

LinkedIn help prompts

The quick prompts will connect you through to ‘bite-sized’ Help articles, enabling users to get the information they need faster to help resolve their issue/s.

It’s a small update, but LinkedIn says that it addresses a few key areas of concern, which should streamline the Help process, and enable users to get answers without having to go through to a whole new section. That might not seem like much, but the capacity to stay in-stream, and continue on with your LinkedIn activity, could help improve on-platform engagement, and keep users moving through with fewer disruptions.

And definitely, LinkedIn has been making improvements on this front – according to Microsoft’s Q1 2019 report, the platform is now seeing ‘record levels’ of engagement, and at 575 million members, and growing, they do appear to be on the right track.

At this stage, the new contextual Help listings are only available on desktop, but they’ll be coming to the mobile app in the near future, as well as to LinkedIn’s other platforms (‘Recruiter’, ‘Sales Navigator’).

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