#SMTLive Talks Platform Specificity and Ads

Our first #SMTLive Twitter chat of 2019 was a great success. There’s no better time than the new year to start connecting with a community of professional marketers who feel passionate about helping one another reach their goals.

Just like a lot of new year’s resolutions, our Twitter conversation today focused on the big picture. We talked about platforms, which ones are more or less ideal for given consumer markets, and how to drive optimum performance on the platforms that are right for you. No worries if you forgot to chime in on Twitter this time around, we recapped highlights for you below. Don’t forget to RSVP for our next chat on Developing & Managing a Social Media Content Calendar here.

Marketing With a Purpose

Before we dove into specifics about platform use, we wanted to see what our #SMTLive community wanted out of their social ads.

The answer? Brand awareness. 

People also mentioned running ads for follower growth and lead generation, but almost everyone included brand awareness as a business goal.

Goal-driven platform use

Once your business identifies what it wants out its social media presence, it’s a lot easier to know which platform works for your brand. According to those who spoke up on our Twitter chat, the primary platform your business should focus on has a lot to do with what kind of business it is.

For instance, those who participated felt as though Pinterest and Snapchat could prove more useful for B2C companies than B2B.

It’s in the details…

Every goal-oriented person can agree that working towards lofty objectives feels easier when educated about the specifics of how to get there. Because our #SMTLive Twitter chat was platform and ad focused, we asked the community about best practices when it comes to budgeting for ads on social media. Although the response implied a lot of trial and error, it seems like social media platforms make all that experimenting rather accessible.

We hope you enjoyed organizing your social media goals with us on Twitter today. Our fantastic community will be chatting it up on Twitter every second Tuesday from 12pm to 1pm EST, so don’t forget to follow our #SMTLive hashtag. For more info about which platform you should focus on for your business in the coming months, as well as what works for you in regards to ads, check out these articles below:


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