5 Core Rules for Effective Work with Instagram Tools

There are many different Instagram growth services on the market for every taste and budget. The majority of them can be divided into two groups, one is cloud-based bots for mass-following and liking, the other is agencies with real, human, marketing professionals taking over the account’s activity.

Many of them allow the user to be in full control of account management and growth, while also providing the ability to safely automate activity and let the user go about their day. Practice the following rules to make the most of your work with the applications.

  1. Maintain safety

All the time and energy put into an account’s growth will go out the window if the account gets banned and shutdown. For example, the Combin tool was made to operate as safely as possible. It follows individual Instagram activity limits for each connected account, at a speed that doesn’t bring suspicion of automated actions from a user’s computer and IP address. 

However, given the freedom of action the application provides, there are some things users should look out for themselves to ensure accounts’ safety:

  • Don’t use different tools simultaneously, it’s likely to result in a conflict of limits.
  • Avoid posting too similar or repeated comments. Use templates for mass commenting and keep the ratio of 1 text variation per 5–7 comments.
  • Don’t change your IP address too often, Instagram may determine frequent account authentication from new places to be suspicious.
  • Publish posts and interact with other users via the Instagram mobile application. It doesn’t have to be excessive or daily, but regular, so a user’s activity is not exclusively automated.
  1. Know your limits

Instagram’s hourly and daily action limits differ for each user and it’s crucial that you know yours. Not only does it keep your account safe, but it’s also a guarantee you get the most of what is allowed by the platform.

Modifying just how many follows, likes, or comments your application generates daily is easy. Even worldwide celebrities who are verified on the platform, cannot surpass Instagram’s maximum of 1,500 follows, 1,500 likes, and 1,500 comments per day. In your Instagram growth application, you can set up any amount of actions for each type of activity to determine what is most effective for you. If you are not an avid Instagram user or have just registered your account a couple of months ago, you shouldn’t go over 500–700 at first. This way your actions are going to progress faster and your Instagram limits will gradually and safely grow without triggering the Instagram algorithm and putting the account in potential danger.

  1. Develop a growth strategy and stick to it

Like in many situations, you have to know what you want and plan your way to get to the top. Instagram brand marketing is no exception. Take the time to research your market— determine your target audience, your Instagram account competitors, hashtags and locations relevant for your business.

Establish your Instagram growth strategy on the basis of this information. Set up clear rules to follow: each or every other day you are looking for new potential followers among the audience of X accounts and through Y hashtags. Attract their attention through a certain number of specific types of actions.

But, don’t forget to keep in touch with the audience you already have. Building a loyal relationship with current followers by giving them regular attention increases your chances of maintaining your current following.

  1. Sift out irrelevant accounts

Spending precious time and a limited quantity of allowed Instagram actions on accounts that won’t bring anything of value (like genuine interest in your content or product, engagement with your publications, or real sales) is counter-productive.

Use Combin machine learning-enhanced user analysis to detect and filter out interaction inefficient accounts — the ones too popular to notice attention from smaller accounts and spam accounts, shops, etc. before setting up any interaction tasks within the application.

The analysis algorithm determines such Instagram accounts with 90% accuracy—which is pretty good, but there still might be some irrelevant accounts left in the results that go overlooked.

Sort your user search results by followers count and check accounts appearing at the very bottom of the list. There could be some with no profile image and little to no followers—such accounts are very unlikely to bring effective engagements.

  1. Be regularly active

It’s no news that many Instagram users unfollow inactive accounts (or so-called ghost followers), there are a number of various specialized services created for detecting and removing these accounts. It’s much more difficult to get the same impression and engagement rates as before if you post and like, comment, or follow others only once in a while.

You don’t have to be active every day and make dozens of posts. This may annoy your existing followers, as well as newly acquired Instagram followers. Maintain the balance by coming up with a schedule of certain days to publish and interact with your followers.

Be consistent in your activity and your Instagram account will consistently grow!

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