#SMTLive Recap: Developing & Managing a Social Media Content Calendar

Here at SMT, we talk a lot about creating high-quality content, but once you’ve mastered the content game, that then leads to another business problem – how can your organization keep churning out relevant, timely content on a regular basis?

Enter content calendars, the digital marketing world’s favorite daytimer.

Because so many different companies use content calendars in different ways, we recently asked our #SMTLive audience to tell us a bit more about their organizational tactics, which could provide more insight into how to plan out your own approach.

Do I really need a content calendar?

According to our #SMTLive Twitter chat participants, having a content calendar seems pretty essential.

From time saving to analytics, content calendars have become a digital marketing must.

The larger your team, the more useful a content calendar will prove in keeping everyone on track.

What’s in your toolbox?

You shouldn’t feel intimidated about creating a content calendar if the task seems daunting. Turns out, there are many free platforms for content calendar creation that offer various levels of detail. You might already be familiar with some.

Sprout Social, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Buffer, and Airtable were the Twitter chat favorites.

At large vs. in charge

Who manages your brand’s content calendar and who has access to it depends on the size of the business for our #SMTLive worker bees. While many people in the chat used social media managers or specialists to create their content calendars, other smaller teams say they handle it themselves.

However, having the cal accessible to the content team/marketing team seems to prove useful for continuity.  

On staying flexible

Planning out every post sounds great for our Type A content creators, but what about the more creative types of digital marketers? Our #SMTLive chat participants gave us some tips about how staying flexible with your cal is totally doable (as well as necessary).

Thank you for reading our rundown of our latest #SMTLive Twitter chat. Hopefully you can go forth with a solid plan for your team’s content organization strategy in the future.

Our fabulous community comes together on Twitter every second Tuesday from 12pm to 1pm EST, so don’t forget to follow our #SMTLive hashtag to keep up with the latest.

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