#SMTLive Recap: Juggling Multiple Social Media Accounts

Social media managers have gotten a bad rep for having an easy job. If you are one of us, you know the struggles of planning and creating interesting content, monitoring accounts, engaging with followers, and so on. 

On Tuesday, Social Media Today held a Twitter chat called “Juggling Multiple Social Media Accounts”. We chatting with a group of marketers that are in charge of managing anywhere from 5 to 50 social media accounts daily. We shared our experiences, our struggles and our best tips for success. 

This recap of our conversation will help you see how all marketers approach social media management differently, but there are plenty of ways we can learn from each other.

Here is what we learned.

1. Organization is key.

Whether you are juggling 5 or 50 accounts, you will always need a content calendar to stay sane. Organization is key in social media management.

There are plenty of tools available to help you stay organized and productive on the job. Here are a few:

2. Content delegation depends on the team.

There are are a lot of people managing all these accounts on their own. Props to them!

For the others managing small to medium size teams, content delegation varies by team and brand. 

3. Creating interesting, high-quality content is hard.

We ran a poll to see what was the most difficult part of the job. The majority said “all of the above” which includes content creation, monitoring and engagement and tracking ROI. Of the three, though, content creation came out as the most difficult part of the job. More specificity, the time it takes to create all the content.

People also said that they struggled to find good images. 

5. Keep your tone, voice and audience plan close by. 

There’s nothing worse than a brand that doesn’t know their voice. Know your brand, be deliberate about the content you create and make sure it is specificity crafted for your audience. Never post just to post. 

Even if you are managing content for one only brand, your tone will most likely vary per-account. Your notes will help you stay on brand.

6. There are 5 simple questions to ask yourself before posting content.

Authentic content is the goal. It’s simple as long as you keep your audience in mind and stay true to your brand tone and voice. While creating content, ask yourself these questions. 

7. Stick to your strategy. Plan ahead. Be flexible. Stay calm.

At the end of the chat, everyone shared their best tips for social media account management. Check those out here!

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