4 tips on how to make effective Instagram videos to stand out amongst your competitors

Today, standing out among the rest is a persistent challenge that many companies face.

Many businesses are ramping up their social media marketing schemes and turning to Instagram as one of their primary marketing outlets. The most engaged Instagram business accounts are suggesting video content as the solution to recovery when customer engagement plateaus.

According to Forbes, “businesses that use video in their marketing plans increase their revenue by 49% compared to non-video users.”

Although there are many ways to create valuable video content, there are a few tactics that companies are using to see real results. Practice these four rules to make the most of your Instagram video campaigns

1. Use your smartphone and mobile apps to create high-quality videos


The world of Instagram thrives on smartphones. Although some users are prone to using an external camera to capture their video content, smartphone users pride themselves on their quality videos being taken from their smartphones.

Quality videos are being created from smartphones not only because smartphone-camera technology has advanced, but also because users enjoy the convenience they bring to their lives.

For example, Impresso was developed specifically to make social media promo videos – optimized for Instagram. When you capture video content on your smartphone, you are able to make and upload high-quality & engaging videos straight from your phone to your social media platform. You can also make eye-catching promo videos, including your photos or video clips from your camera roll, no matter where you are and post it to Instagram in minutes.

A few features Impresso gives users include:

  • Pre-generated video templates and lay-outs
  • Animated text styles and customization features
  • Free professional stock photos and music libraries
  • Video duration adjustments

2. The importance of a first impression

The best performing content on Instagram are images that capture interest and curiosity in viewers. For example, currently the highest engaging photo on Instagram is an egg. The egg’s initial appearance triggered the viewers’ curiosity to understand the content they saw.

When videos are created, the first frame is usually the one that acts as an opening photo. However, successful mobile video apps, like Impresso, are giving video creators the option to import different photos to act as the opening scene for the content. The customization of a video’s opening scene grabs viewers attention and increases engagement analytics and brand awareness.

3. Create unique content and match it to your brand


The objective of integrating video content into your marketing plan is to increase customer engagement with your brand. Videos that are engaging and feature their brand’s core value increase viewer retention after the video is over.

One way to grab viewers attention is to customize colors, fonts and animations used in your videos to spark curiosity while promoting your brand. You can do this by using video maker applications that are easy to use with a wide variety of customizable video features.

For example, Impresso gives you a choice between an extensive library of pre-made video templates or a blank canvas. Users can also choose between the various font options, color palette choices, text animation and more to help create engaging videos that capture your brand’s core value.

4. Make it the right size

Businesses can create the most meaningful and engaging videos with Instagram viewers, but the videos aren’t powerful when they aren’t viewed correctly. Size is crucial in making your video a viral success.

Impresso provides formatting options to make your video either an “Instagram story” or an “Instagram feed post”. It also gives you the opportunity to make your video longer or shorter in duration. These things are selected based on where your audience will be watching your video.  Using a video maker app like Impresso that prompts you to choose a specific video size is crucial in creating successful Instagram videos.

Final thoughts: Get out there and make some videos

Adding videos to your Instagram page will give you the content you need to boost your brand. The best way to do this is to be conscious about what your video features — what do your viewers want to watch and how does it promote your brand? From there it’s easy…simply curate the content you want to promote, compile it into a video making app like Impresso and start sharing!

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