#SMTLive Twitter Chat Recap: Marketing Your Business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn might not be the sexiest social media platform out there, but it still holds a lot of appeal to marketers.

From the platform’s new reaction buttons to its algorithm’s affinity for influencers, we figured it was time to ask our #SMTLive Twitter chatters to share their LinkedIn experiences. If you weren’t able to log on during the chat itself, here’s a recap of what went down.

On setting up a company page

This user seems to think of LinkedIn as a fabulous place to utilize the marketing capabilities of a vanity URL. Use something short, sweet, and branded, such as the example above, in order to help keep your company’s page professional-looking and easy for people to find.

Visual content’s success seems to apply to LinkedIn, too.

Using LinkedIn’s features to grow your business

People seemed enthusiastic about using hashtags strategically and often on the platform.

Like, very enthusiastic.

But besides hashtags, there are certainly other ways to help your business succeed on the platform. For instance, having employees share company content on their personal LinkedIn accounts was brought up.

And thought leadership, as well as staying relevant on the platform, was also encouraged.

What this group thought about LinkedIn groups

#SMTLive had mixed reactions about using LinkedIn groups for businesses. While many argued that the tool has a lot of potential, most agreed that they’re underutilized, or at least not utilized well across the board.

Moderators, take note.

Some notes on what not to do…

Yes, LinkedIn has a lot of potential for those looking to market their businesses or personal brands. However, the platform makes it pretty easy to commit some bad social/marketing faux pas, according to our #SMTLive chat.

This one might just be the worst of them all:

In an age where we talk about how important it is for marketers to stay authentic on social, one #SMTLive participant noted that LinkedIn’s automated comments seem like a bad engagement tactic as well.

Ok ok, just one more roast before we end this recap (apologies to whoever thought up this default message):

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