Snapchat Launches Bitmoji Tennis, Adding to Gaming Options

Snapchat has released its next big in-app game, with a new Bitmoji Tennis option which enables users to pit their Bitmoji likenesses against each other on the virtual court.

Snapchat Bitmoji Tennis screenshots

As you can see, the game will enable users to challenge friends to matches, or even hold group tournaments, where the winner of each match continues on. You’ll also be able to practice in solo mode, and there’ll be in-game upgrades for your racket and other equipment to incentivize use. 

The game is the latest significant release on Snapchat’s games platform, which it first announced at its partner summit back in April. Last month, Snapchat announced its first big game for the platform – a group shooting game, along similar lines to Fortnite, from FarmVille creator Zynga. 

Snapchat shooter examples

Bitmoji tennis adds more customization, with the capacity to utilize your own likeness in the match, while its release has also been timed to link into Wimbledon, which is currently being played in the UK. 

Given Snapchat’s younger audience, tapping into gaming makes a lot of sense, and could become a lucrative angle for the app. Not only will these games help Snapchat boost time spent within its app, but it’ll also provide new opportunities for advertisers, with the potential to place ads within the games themselves, or even sponsor games to boost exposure to specific audience groups. 

Snapchat has actually been running basic sponsored games for years – not up to the same standard as these new apps, built upon Snap’s gaming platform. But more basic offerings, like the simple, 8-bit tennis game it launched with Gatorade to link in with the US Open back in 2016.  

Match Point tennis game in Snapchat

As you can see, Snap’s latest games offerings are a significant advancement on these more basic, simple options – while as noted, the added capacity to place your likeness into games will add another engaging element, and could help make Snap’s games a key option within the app.

We don’t have any official usage stats on these first games as yet, but it’ll be interesting to see what Snap reports on such in its next quarterly report, and whether Snap games become a more significant consideration, both for users and marketers, moving forward.

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