Facebook Outlines Its New Plans to Fight Fake News

During the Fighting Abuse @Scale conference, Facebook and other tech companies discussed their plans for combating fake news and misinformation online. CNET reports that the social media giant isn’t interested in playing the role of a full-time fact checker, but does want to fight the spread of misinformation where it can. “We’re concerned when falsehood […]


Facebook Attempts to Combat Fake News with Fact Checkers in India

In an announcement posted to the company’s newsroom, Facebook noted that its efforts will be bolstered by a partnership with BOOM, an independent digital journalism initiative in India. BOOM, which is certified by the non-partisan International Fact-Checking Network. The partnership “will be able to review English language news stories flagged on Facebook, check facts, and rate their […]


Instagram Getting Download Tool in Privacy-Motivated Move

Instagram is notoriously tough when it comes to actually getting a copy of those photos you’ve uploaded, with only third-party workarounds creating options to download images. But as parent company Facebook faces criticism over data and privacy, Instagram could be getting a new download tool. Instagram recently confirmed that the platform is building a tool […]